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Yuri Martins is the chip leader in the final leg of WSOP Event #69

Yuri Martins is the chip leader on the final day o...

It was another normal day in the life of three-time WSOP (World Series of Poker) champion Yuri Martins. The Brazilian star seems never to get tired of making big bucks in big poker tournaments, both online and live. This time around, 9Tales Pro leads WSOP Event #69 in chips and has a chance to win his fourth bracelet.

Yuri had 1,288,000 in chips on the final day of Event #69 No Limit 2-7 in the Lowball Draw tournament, a $10,000 buy-in tournament with 154 entries. At the other end of the standings is Brazil, also represented by Felipe Mojave. With 112,000 in chips, the GGPoker ambassador is doing everything he can to get back into shape.

It is worth noting that the winner of the same event last year was Pedro Bromfman. In the current edition, he narrowly defended his title, finishing 24th for $16,000.

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Find out about the quality of the remaining entrants: Of the 18 players who made it to the finals, only 3 still won WSOP bracelets. Big names and multi-time champions like Daniel Negreanu, Eli Elezra and Jason Mercier are still up for grabs. Yuri Martins is followed by American Young Ko (1,197,000) and Canadian Alex Livingston (1,137,000).

Yuri Martins, Felipe Mojave and other star players will return today Saturday (30:00). to the last day. , starting at 17:00 Brazil time. Play continues on Level 17 with blinds at 6,000/12,000 and an ante of 18,000. The remaining 18 participants have received at least $17,500. The tournament winner will take home $367,599.

Yuri Martins is the chip leader on the final day o...

Las Vegas or Bust book review by Johnny Kampus

LIBROS: Vegas or Bust by Johnny Campos

For this week’s new book, we recommend Vegas or Bust by Johnny Kampis. It tells the true story of the author, who in 2016 rented a van to travel to Las Vegas with his wife and two children to play in several World Series of Poker events, including the famous Main Event.

The story begins in 2006 when Johnny cashed in the WSOP Main Event by finishing 770th out of 8,773 players. Over the next few years, he played a few low buy-in tournaments in his spare time. But in 2016, he decided to return to Las Vegas to get his revenge at the Main Event. This time he is traveling with his family and we can read about this fun road trip in the book.

I don’t want to tell you how you feel about finding the answer yourself, but I will give you no doubt that he cashed in both events at the 2016 WSOP. All the details of the trip, the races he entered, anecdotes and interviews are included in the recommended works. As the book concludes, Campis devotes an entire chapter to providing useful advice for those planning their first trip to the city that never sleeps.

Technical Details:

You can buy this book in 2 formats on The advantage of the Kindle edition is that it can be easily read on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

For more books, please visit POKERLOGIA LIBRARY.

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LIBROS: Vegas or Bust by Johnny Campos

Seonguk Huh wins biggest WPT Prime title in history

Seonguk Huh wins biggest WPT Prime title in histor...

The World Poker Tour continues its exciting journey from France to Taiwan for the start of its acclaimed Prime Series Another race. The tour’s second visit to the Asian country was even more spectacular, with a change of venue and attracting hundreds of players. Seonguk Huh

Yannick Leonard narrowly missed out on victory.

A total of 1,359 players participated in this Main Event, surpassing the previous record of 1,224 players in February 2023 on the Gold Coast, Australia.

The victory this time belonged to Seonguk Huh, who beat French player Yannick Leonard in a thrilling final. For Huh, the win was his first major live tournament win and the $197,741 cash prize was the biggest win of his career to date.

The Main Event had a buy-in of $1,000, resulting in a massive prize pool of $1,237,387, distributed among the first 173 participants. The final day began with nine players on the final table, with Dongkyu Kim and Jacky Wang being the chip leaders. However, it was Huh himself who eliminated the first contestant. In a crucial hand, Huh had three nines on the table, while his opponent Guillerm Segarra held top pair and a pair of queens.

Huh’s victories are achieved through constant competition. Progress throughout the game. After several duels, the Korean went head-to-head with the Frenchman, who was unable to defeat him and ended up in second place and $131,000 in prize money.

This exciting day spent in Taiwan is a milestone for Koreans. The World Poker Tour Prime Series has cemented its position as a platform for high-level competition and the emergence of new champions. The series continues around the world and you can check out the next stops at this link. The next one is inMadrid.

Main Event – ​​​​​​WPT Prime Taiwan

Buy-in: $1,000Tickets: 1,359Pot: $1,237,387

Final Table

1. Seonguk Huh – $197,7412. Yannick Leonard – $131,7903. Seung Hun Ko – $97,5594. Jacky Wang – $72,9355° Dongrong – $55,0696° Kim Dong-kyu – $41,9907° Tao Weichang – $32,3538° Feng Wenchen – $25,1479° Gilliam Segarra – $19,806

Seonguk Huh wins biggest WPT Prime title in histor...

Geraldo César tops WSOP Online Event 3

Geraldo César tops WSOP Online Event 3

In Event 3 of the Financial Times: WSOP Online $2,100 Championship, Brazil is down to a handful of knockout players vying for the title. Geraldo “UmReiNoRiver” César is in third place with 3,564,896 chips and about 59 BBS. Diego “Kunkinho” Brombim (8th) and Henrique Zanetti (9th) follow with 2,276,899 and 2,056,728 chips respectively.

All WSOP Online 2023 final tables so far have featured three Brazilian players vying for the bracelet. Last night, Vinícius Steves won over $234,000 by spinning in Heads-Up Event 2: $300 Gladiators of Poker Opener.

To repeat the achievement of Vinícius, the trio entering Event 3 must do so. In this field, there are still Bert Stevens (7th – 2,793,095) and Duco Haven (13th – 1,062,875). names, they are both former GGMillion$ champions. The pair are also looking for CL “Floatingworld”, a player from Hong Kong who will have 5,331,607 chips.

The 14 survivors will return with blinds at 3:00 PM (Brasília time). Back to GGPoker from 35,000 / 70,000 and ante 8,500. In addition to the prize, the winner will receive a prize pool of $59,681.

Geraldo César tops WSOP Online Event 3

Sports Betting MP Allowed; Find Out What Changes Market Regulation Could Bring

Sports Betting MP Allowed; See What Market Regulat...

The interim measures (MP) to regulate the sports betting industry approved by the federal government last week should have an immediate impact on the operations of bookmakers. The rules are already in force but must be analyzed by the National Assembly within 120 days.

Under the proposal, companies would be taxed at a rate of 18%, plus other taxes such as IRPJ, CSLL, PIS, Cofins and ISS, equivalent to 30% on bonuses worth more than R2,112 Income tax, which is levied at the same rate as the country’s existing lottery winnings, makes Brazil the highest tax rate in the world.

The tax measure has sparked debate among experts about the impact on the industry and government revenue. For Leonardo Baptista, CEO and co-founder of Pay4Fun, a Bacen-licensed payments institution operating in the online entertainment and sports betting space, the tax proposal could have a negative impact , because it would prevent other companies from entering the legal market, and thus, electricity generation could result in a real reduction in government tax revenue.

“The new Ministry of Environmental Protection addresses the industry’s growing regulatory needs and creates a regulatory framework that ensures greater transparency in the gaming industry and greater security of transactions. However, the introduction of higher The tax burden could jeopardize the profitability and competitiveness of companies in the sector and lead players in parallel markets to look for alternatives, which could further affect government revenue and oversight of these activities,” the executive warned.

Here are some of the key changes that lawmakers will bring to the sports betting market, with a focus on fixed-odds lotteries in Brazil:

Bacen is the body regulated by Nur to get the industry Licensed Institutions

Only institutions licensed by the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) can provide bettors with accounts for paying fixed odds bets and any winnings. This allows customers to feel more secure when conducting financial transactions, knowing that they are dealing with a regulated institution that is subject to strict controls and compliance requirements to prevent illegal activities.

“From the very beginning, Pay4Fun tried to position itself as a Bacen regulated payment institution, a strategic decision that reassures us that we are on the right path. Our priority has always been to serve our users and new Councilors provide a safe and transparent environment. The managing director said: “This only reinforces our commitment to ensure our clients’ interests are protected in all our operations. “

Mandatory Transparency in Gambling

Regulation also brings integrity and transparency to sport itself and prevents Manipulation.” The rule would force bookmakers to abide by ethical standards and transparently disclose relevant information, from the odds on each bet to the criteria used to determine winnings and payouts. This reduces the scope for breaches and increases user confidence in the system. ” points out Camila Caresi, Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance at Pay4Fun.

The tax rate is as high as 30%

Another aspect of the industry One change is the tax rate on the turnover of companies operating in the market. Player winnings above R2,112 are subject to a 30% tax. The measure also introduces an 18% tax rate on Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), the sum of all gaming activity. Gross revenue minus winnings paid to players and taxes levied by corporations makes the country number one in the world for taxation in this sector.

Sports Betting MP Allowed; See What Market Regulat...

Farid Jattin and Bruno Volkmann aim for glory in 6-a-side NLH tournament

Farid Jattin and Bruno Volkmann aim for glory in 6...

Exciting Event #90: $10,000 Six-Hand No-Limit Hold’em Tournament continues and Day 2 keeps fans excited about what’s to come. Grinders who made the cut include Farid Jattin and Bruno Volkmann, who will be vying for glory today.

Bruno Volkmann is fighting for glory.

Famous Colombian player Jattin climbed to fourth place in chips with 77 BBs, an excellent starting position. Victory and the coveted gold bracelet.

Brazilian Bruno Volkmann, on the other hand, made it through despite being nearly eliminated in the bubble. Not only survived, but amassed an impressive stack of 55 BBs by the end of the day.

Event #90 was an action-packed and exciting tournament with 550 players and a $5,115,000 prize pool. After an intense second day of competition, only 30 players managed to advance to the next stage.

Day 3 promises to be an exciting one, with Latin fans’ eyes on the likes of Jattin and Volkmann. These talented contenders will use their chip positions to stay competitive and make WSOP history by winning another bracelet for the continent.

Day 3 is scheduled to start this Sunday at 1pm and will run until there is a match. a winner. The remaining 30 players will compete for the grand prize of $1,057,663 and the coveted bracelet. The game starts on level 21 with blinds of 10,000/25,000 and a big blind ante of 25,000. Levels are still 60 minutes long, with a 15-minute break after every two levels. Any longer rest periods are the responsibility of the players and tournament staff.

Event #90: $10,000 6-Hand No-Limit Hold’em Tournament

Buy-In: $10,000

Farid Jattin and Bruno Volkmann aim for glory in 6...

One left: Barbero from Luxon

One left: Barbero from Luxon

The most expensive tournament in the world this month, which has entered the top 25 in history with a $29,500,000 pot, will enter its final stage this Saturday. Four Latino Players Enter Day 2 of the $260,000 Luxon Pay Invitational in the Triton Super High Roller Series in London: Ernildo Santos Yuri Dzivielevski, Pedro Garagnani and the unstoppable ACR Pro Team Nacho Barbero just finished second for the tournament’s top prize money, The prize money for seventh place is $3,445.807.

However, no one made the final table and not everyone won the money, an achievement reserved for the top 23 of the 69 players who advanced on Friday, out of a field of 118 entrants completed.

Pedro Garagnani, the only Latin ITM.

The first to retire was Dzivielevski (No. 69). He is followed by his compatriot Santos, who also serves as CEO of a sports betting company, at No. 56. Then, 39-year-old Barbero fell and has nine cashes in this year’s Triton series. A total of 5,657,107 Americans participated.

Already passed the ITM limit and was the only one of the foursome to make the cut. Garagnani, the first Brazilian Triton winner, added $342,000 for his 21st place finish.

At the time of writing, the tournament has been consolidated into a 3-hand tournament with Bryn Kenney leading the chip leaderboard with 14,950,000 chips followed by Talal Shakerchi, with 13,825,000 people. Punnat Punsri of Thailand topped the podium with 6,525,000 points.

One left: Barbero from Luxon

Joao Simao looking sideways at her in event #75

Joao Simao looking sideways at her in event #75

Just because the World Series of Poker Main Event has started doesn’t mean it’s the only one left. In fact, Stephen Deutsch takes the lead in the Event #75: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas , the final 19 players will return with glory on Tuesday. Among them is the famous Joao Simao.

Deutsch’s 2,110,000 chips have a slight advantage over his compatriot John Holley (2,040,000) as those are the two largest remaining chips on the same table . Simao is 11th with 585,000 in chips, one of the smallest stacks.

Leader Stephen Deutsch.

A total of 33 new hires and 116 players won Day 1, bringing the field to 277 with a prize pool of $2,576,100. The field was just shy of last year’s record, with today’s winner taking home $598,613 and the coveted WSOP gold bracelet.

Hassan Kamel (1,745,000 ), Ryan Hoenig (1,550,000) and Maxx Coleman (1,090,000) vie for glory Finishing in the top 5 in the fight, all 19 players had amassed at least $24,509 before kicking off Day Three.

The day started with several notable players joining before the end of late registration, many of whom were unable to build chips to raise money. Day 2 cashless contestants included Phil Ivey, Stephen Chidwick, Chad Eveslage, Ben Lamb b > and Brian Rast.

Those who won money but failed to bag on day three included Phil Hellmuth, Dan Shak, Felipe Ramos with Daniel Negreanu, Dan Heimiller and Day 1 chip leader Michael Banducci.

Event #75: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Tournament

Buy-In:$10,000Number of Participants: 247Pot: $2,297,100Blinds:Level 20 (10K/20K and 20K Ante)Average Stacks Amount: 874,737Next Cash: $24,509

Count the top 5

1. Stephen German – 2,110,0002. John Hawley – 2,040,0003. Hassan Kamal – 1,745,0004° Ryan Honig – 1,550,0005° Maxx Coleman – 1,090,000

Latino Contestant

11° Joao Simao – 585,000

Latin ITM

40. Felipe Ramos – $16,175

Joao Simao looking sideways at her in event #75

Barbero and Korn at the helm of H.O.R.S.E. Hawker

Barbero and Korn at the helm of H.O.R.S.E. Hawker

Latin American hopes continue to flourish at WSOP 2023 as two of Argentina’s best representatives enter the top 10 in the series’ penultimate high roller event >.

Jose Ignacio Barbero and Andres Korn excel in Event #80 $25,000 H.O.R.R.S.E, for $504,000. Fourth and seventh place each had 461,000 in chips.

Day 1After Horseshoe in Las Vegas and Paris, 98 registered Works are counted to show that the prize pool is $2,303,000, but since the later registration is still open, the prize pool may be further increased.

There are currently 56 players left at the table and they’re led by pro Josh Arieh who owns a tow621,500’s tower. The qualifiers also included world-class players such as Viktor Blom, Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Brian Rast, Eli Elezra and Shaun Deeb.

Day 2 is scheduled to begin Tuesday at 1pm local time. If registration opens before the start of the day, play will start on level 11 with blinds of 3,000/6,000 and an ante of 1,500.

Barbero and Korn at the helm of H.O.R.S.E. Hawker

Definition of Fourth Date and Monthly Rank

Definition of Fourth Date and Monthly Rank

Define ➡ LATAM LEAGUE monthly standings and final dates defined by “Overlay” in our community 888poker’s classic competition. So we kindly ask everyone who shared, commented and liked us on ➡ 888Poker LATAM Facebook to keep following and sharing these posts.

Thanks to everyone who made these changes and improvements in the June issue.

🆓 MORE FREE TICKETS IN FREEROLLS QUALYS 💰 MORE MONTHLY PRIZES TOP 20 PER Appointment Sunday 📺 LIVE (Depending on the host’s logistical deployment) ✅The top 50 of each appointment will get points.

The good news folks is that there will be a “stack” (more money will go to the winner), the bad news is that we won’t have Fernando Gatto live because He covers coverage>>WSOP – World Series of Poker 2023.

3️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE 4 – $300 GTD Buy: $1 | Buyback: 1 | Sunday, June 25

Latin America 22:00 – 21:00 – 20:00 🇪🇨 – 19:00

About this date the monthly ranking will be determined and we will Find out who will win the prizes below.


📌 This time 👉 every month Ranking The top 20 will receive the following prizes:

🏆 1st place – $109 into your 888Poker account. + Tournament Champion Interview and Feature 💰 2nd and 3rd – $22 buy-in in your 888Poker account 💰 4th, 5th and 6th – $16.50 buy-in in your 888Poker account 💰 7th Up to 10th place – $8.80 buy-in on your 888Poker account 💰 11th to 20th – $3.30 stake on your 888Poker account 💰 11th to 20th. – $3.30 stake on your 888Poker account USD 💰 11th to 20th – The stake in your 888Poker account is USD 3.30.


You can ➡ Find the login password and all information 888Poker LATAM’s Facebook.

The third appointed champion of “dicaspok19” from Venezuela.

Definition of Fourth Date and Monthly Rank

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