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Ivey falls into final table over discrepancy

Phil Ivey gets hit by discrepancy and endures Trit...

Phil Ivey reaches the final table of a new major tournament. This is Event No. 8 of theTriton Poker Series, a $50,000 7-hand event in Jeju, South Korea, controlled by Punnat Punsri10, Winning a great win bonus of $2,010,000.

Ivey, on the other hand, dropped to seventh place, earning about $339,000. When we look back at the tournaments Ivey has competed in, we find some key cards that explain why the American failed to reach the top of the tournament.

Another high-profile player event #8 50K NLH Final Table! The stakes are getting higher and with hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock on every card, who do you think will win this event?

🇹🇭 Punnat Punsri, 🇨🇦 @Mike_Watson, 🇺🇸 Brian Kim, 🇨🇳…

— Triton Poker (@tritonpoker) 2024 March 12

Adrian Mateos bluffs

During a hand at the final table, Phil Ivey and Adrian Mateos clashed. These two great players engaged in a battle that ended with the Spaniard’s incredible bluff on the river. First, Mateos opened with A Q in HJ for 500,000, and Ivey called with 7 6 in the big blind.

The flop came 8 7 K and after Ivey checked, the Spaniard went on to bet 250,000 points and soon found a reputation as a rival. After getting a 3 on the turn, both players folded and left the jack on the river. When the community five showed up, Ivey checked again and Mateos dropped in a bucket for 2,000,000 points. After a moment of thought, Phil gave up and his opponent bluffed the hand.

🇺🇸 @philivey has made a career of playing under pressure against the best in the world! But @Amadi_17 is a completely different beast.

— Triton Poker (@tritonpoker) March 12, 2024

Collision with Pieter Aerts

Phil Ivey Another unfortunate crossover incident in Hand 7 occurred againstPieter Aerts . Ivey opened with HJ for 24,000 A 9 and Aerts called from the big blind with J 6 low. The flop came A 9 8, giving the American two pair, and Aerts flopped a flush. However, the pair were not intimidated by such a flop and decided to check the 4 on the turn.

With the first four communities on the table, the Belgian quickly took the initiative by betting 55,000 points. Matches Ivey. The river came with a 10 and Aerts kept betting, this time for 150,000. The goat called without much thought, but was surprised to see his opponent’s flush and could only say “ok” with a straight face.

An atypical @philivey spoke after the hand between himself and Pieter Aerts.

— Triton Poker (@tritonpoker) March 13, 2024

Phil Ivey gets hit by discrepancy and endures Trit...

Dante Goya is the winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunter SHR

Dante Goya is the winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunt...

On Monday the 22nd, the Brazilian experienced an unusual period at the GGPoker tables. In the $5,250 Bounty Hunters SHR event, Dante Goya lost the title shot to take home $39,081.

Marcelo “MasesNeto” Aziz finished second out of a field of 127 players in Monday’s $1,050 Monster Stack HR event, earning him $22,201 for his performance. In the same tournament, Felipe Ketzer (third place) and Luigi Soncin (fifth place) won $16,757 and $9,547 respectively.

The $54 Bounty Hunter Daily Main Event features a green and yellow duo. Fabio “EHUMANTONIO” Casagrande rounded out the podium, winning $20,044, while Guilherme “PILOT_T” Caetano finished second for $12,099. 5,160 competitors took part in the championship.

João Mathias “12345123456” Baumgarten won gold and $15,314 in the $150 Monday Monster Stack.

Also on the site: João Pedro “JotaLeclerc” Rocha defeated compatriot Gabriel Medeiros in a playoff to win $9,664. The runner-up received $7,247.

Dante Goya is the winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunt...

Gabriel Tavares’ clever way to get bankrolled on PokerStars

Gabriel Tavares' clever way to get bankrolled on P...

Gabriel Tavares performed on Monday the 18th at the online MTT. During his visit to PokerStars, he came close to winning the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, earning $10,610.

Gabriel didn’t stop there. In the $320 Daily Supersonic contest, the owner of the account “gtavares10” shouted the title and won another $5,151.

Mateus D’Ane takes the podium in the $11 Sunday Storm event. He won $9,819 from 11,521 entrants.

In Episode 04-H: $215 NLHE Monday Mystery, “Fox_MEF” ended his participation in the 4-player draw and increased his balance by $9,128.

Also, on the site, the $109 Fenomeno comes with Brazilian doubles. Felipe “FelipeAA23” Morelli defeated his compatriot Marcelo Aziz in a heads-up match to win $8,806. The runner-up earned $6,319. View other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrize $55 Mini Bounty Generator HR “JonzStars” 3rd place $6,571 $530 Bounty Generator High Roller Late Edition “RonanAndreu” 1st place $6,398$22 Mini Sunday Millions” hed777″ 3rd Place $6,330 Bounty Generator $44 “mariootony “1st time $5,844 $55 Daily Sonics” Breno2728″ 1st time $5,701

Episode 04-M: $82 NLHE Monday Mystery

“TsutsumiJr7 ” 5th time $5,319

Gabriel Tavares' clever way to get bankrolled on P...

KSOP Fortaleza: Francisco Donizete leads Monster Day 1B

Francisco Donizete Takes Sole Lead in Day 1B of KS...

The R$2,000 KSOP GGPoker Monster Mystery KO 6-Max kicked off on Monday (08) with two qualifiers. On the first day, Day 1A, 16 players advanced to the finals, while on Day 1B, the evening session, a further 31 players advanced.

The chip leader is Francisco Donizete, a well-known gamer. Image from Recife. Has a stack of 885,000 chips. Second place went to Valdísio Luna, who had already won at this point and was hoping for a second title with 875,000 in prize money. Bruno Silva is third with 830,000.

In the qualifying round, there are also veteran players on the track among the newcomers. Tanner Melchior (725,000), Ramon Pessoa (725,000), Marina Manz (700,000), Milena Magrini (655,000), Larissa Hauge ( 585,000), Madson Moura (515,000), Gustavo Honfer (480,000), Axel Rodrygo (455,000) and P Edro Felipe (360,000) just to name a few An example.

The last day begins on Tuesday at 3pm. The blinds are again 10,000/15,000 and the blind ante is huge. The guarantee of R$500,000 was easily exceeded and the gross profit reached R$605,000. The prize pool will be announced when competition resumes.

View chip count:


1 FRANCISCO DONIZETE BEZERRA 885,000 RECIFE/ PE 24 4 2 JOSE VALDISIO TE Sierra Luna 875,000 JUCAS/CE 24 5 3 Bruno Nogueira da Silva 830,000 Leo Blanco/AC 25 3 4 Teina Melchior Barbosa 725,000 Balneri ORIU/SC 28 4 5 Ramon Pessova Vasconcelos 7 25,000 UBAJARA/CE 25 4 6 PIER BRESSAN MANZ 700,000 TOLEDO/PR 26 4 7 MILENA REFUNDINI MAGRINI 655,000 SAO PAULO/SP 24 3 8 ALESSANDRO COSTA DE ARAUJO 650,000 NATAL/RN 25 5 9 PABLO ANDRES SARTORI 590,000 ARGENTINA 2 6 1 10 SASUZA 585,000 GUARAPUUA/PR 23 2 11 ANTONIO MADSON DE AZEVEDO MOURA 515,000 MOSSORO/RN 27 5 12 G USTAVO UNFER DE MOURA 480,000 Curitiba/PR 26 2 13 Axel Rodrigo 455,000 Argentina 23 3 14 Francisco Luis Viana Nogueira 445.000 Fortaleza/CE 3 0 2. 1 5 Pedro Felipe Lopez Mera Duvale 360,000 Natal/RN29 1 16 Kelvin Costner Alves de Oliveira 355,000 Malanguape/CE 29 5 17 Bruno Ribeiro Nogueira Porto 330,000 São Paulo/São Paulo 30 1 18 Victor Vezilli da Fonseca 310,000 SP 23 1 19 Humberto Nunez Alenca. 310,000 Brasilia/DF 24 1 20 Harley Alves Ferreira 305,000 Brasilia/DF 23 5 21 Francisco Audisio Alfes JUNIOR 305,000 Fortaleza/CE 27 2 22 Guten Fort Fonseca Cavalcante 300,000 Teresina/PI 2 6 5 23 Thiago Wendal Silvera Vilas 300,000 Juazero Norte/CE. 27 6 24 Emiliano German Bazzano 285,000 Argentina 29 4 25 Mateus de Medeiros Saraívalio Dantas 280,000 CAICO/RN 28 1 26 Ricardo · Hollanda Do Vere 275,000 Fortaleza/CE 28 3 27 Rodrigo Leandro OS ARAUJO 195,000 Castanjar/PA 30 6 28 Luciano Rodriguez Pinto..

Francisco Donizete Takes Sole Lead in Day 1B of KS...

Gregory Faria wins first domestic WPT prime title

Gregory Faria wins first domestic WPT prime title

The Brazilians also collected significant claims on the high seas. At the first WPT Prime Voyage Championship, Gregory Faria left 968 competitors behind and planted the green and yellow flag on top of the podium. In total, he earned $155,400, or about R$777,000.

Gregory confirmed his presence at the Financial Times with 63 BBS, just 6 less than CL Nicolás Betbesé. He chased down the Argentinian, beating compatriot Gustavo Carmona for seventh place and taking the lead.

According to official reports, when J 10♣3♥8♥9♣ appeared on the board, Gregory pushed his pile to the middle of the table. Gustavo, who owned 18 BBSs, thought about it for a long time until he made the call with A♣Q♣ in hand. Gregory then showed K♥Q♦ to win the pot.

Gregory’s next victim was Betbesé. He min-raised with A?J♠ and then called his opponent’s 3-bet all-in with K?J♥. 9♥7♠7Check5♥6♣ The board confirmed Betbesé’s death and formed a heads-up.

The two finalists were separated by less than 10 BBS when the duel began, but Gregory soon managed to open things up. Have a nice trip. Unable to get close to the Brazilian, Trent Hopper risked 9 BBS of his own by calling Gregory’s all-in move. K♠6♣ versus Q♥9♥, the Canadians lost and fell by the wayside on an 8♥5♠3♥Q♦5♥ board.

WPT Prime Voyage won a total of $968,000 in prize money. See how much each finalist won:

1. Gregory Faria (Brazil) $155,400*

2. Trent Hopper (Canada) $97,000

3. Nicolás Betbesé (Argentina) $72,000

4. Brandon Tackow (USA) $54,000

5. Brian Monigold (USA) $41,000

6. Alison Holland (USA) $31,000

7. Gustavo Carmona (Brazil) $24,000

8. Lukas Zaskodny (Czech Republic) $18,500

Gregory Faria wins first domestic WPT prime title

Juan Pardo gets cold card and finishes 9th in GGMillion$ competition

Juan Pardo gets cold card and finishes 9th in GGMi...

Tuesday night is time for GGPoker’s premier regular tournament, a €10,000 buy-in event called GGMillion$.

This week we watched Juan Pardo, the best Spanish player in the event, and since he was the short stack in this event, he entered the final table with The situation is very delicate.

Juan’s options for improvement are limited to two options: either he ups the ante, or Bart Stevens and Volodymyr Palamar (who also lack the leverage) leave the Financial Times before him 》.

None of the two happened. Although Juan completed two full laps without being able to race with one hand, Palamar and Bert Stevens significantly raised their expectations for the race, with the Belgian moving up to provisional second place, The Ukrainian laid the foundation for his existence in people’s minds. .

Given this, Juan needs some mercy from the deck, in the form of AA. Folding gave him a little more than what he invested in the blinds, and when he saw that the next hand was AT, he went all-in again.

The chip leader, Daniel Smirkovic, who until then had been as immobile as the Spaniard, finally agreed to take action, kicking the Spaniard out with an AK.

From that moment on, in the official broadcast, there was doubt as to whether anyone could surpass the three-time runner-up under the Austrian flag.

Replay the ending as an alternative to watching the game. You might prefer GGPoker affiliate player Steve Enriquez’s own production, with Juanjo Naharro joining the mic.

This answer, although incorrect, was initiated by Bart Stevens, who owns the skin of Enrico Camosci A double defeat with Riverazo and the Finn “BAAABUUSKIIIIII”. The race remains undecided, but it won’t be “Girafganger” who threatens Smilkovic’s lead.

Stevens ended the title talks with a failed bluff, which got Palama back on track. Matthew Stumpf was eliminated by Smiljkovic, leaving 13 million points between the two big-stack players , while their three opponents scored 2.5 million points.

Kannapong Thanarattrakul and Bert Stevens

It wouldn’t last long, but Samuel Vousden found relief in the Ukrainian’s stack, with a brilliant fold of AK against Palamar’s The AA 4bet won GGMillion$, and he doubled up once against his opponent and hit a couple of mid-range pots.

Smiljkovic’s hallmarks of perfect but cautious play were starting to change. He was unable to win on three Winning a hand at the human table. He went all-in on the flop against a bluff and called an all-in, leaving him with just half a stack when the tournament flipped against Palamar, with the Ukrainian’s JJ against his AK.

Vousden left time to get back to HU. He had to double twice to take the lead, but achieved the same result through subtle attrition work, ultimately leading to Volodymyr on a river that favored the Europeans A bluffing overbet attempt was made on the card.Destroying his ability The opponent’s lies were the key to HU, and finally Finn made two big calls on the river for second pair.

Juan Pardo gets cold card and finishes 9th in GGMi...

Ukrainian wins $500,000 in WSOP Super Circuit Mystic Millions

Ukrainian wins $500,000 in WSOP Super Circuit Myst...

Ukrainian “delfin44” got lucky at the GGPoker tables. On the second day of the Mystery Million, when there were still 1,305 players in the field, he discovered the massive $500,000 prize.

The tournament begins with a 5-bet opening shove starting with “Kuannnnn”. To his left, the button “kingfb” is over-all-in with 7 BBS in the stack. Then “delfin44” called.


“Kuannnnn”: A 10

“kingfb”: 8♠ 7♣

“delfin44”: 10♠7♠

J♣5♥J♠2♣4♣’s lead confirmed the victory of “Kuannnnn”, but “delfin44” ensured the victory side pot and the reward of “kingfb” gold. By cashing in the bounty, he obtained the largest bounty.

Three six-figure bounties were also paid. Portuguese Pedro “Pensioato” Borges received $330,000, while Russian “HappyOwl” topped up his credit with $210,380.

With 30,001 registrations at $210, the Mystery Million guaranteed prize money of $5,000,000 and resulted in $6,000,200 in prize money. The tournament is part of the WSOP Super Circuit and awards a coveted gold ring to the winner.

Ukrainian wins $500,000 in WSOP Super Circuit Myst...

‘Lies’: Tom DeWine defends himself against accusations

'Lies': Tom DeWine defends himself against accusat...

A lot has happened in Tom Durrrr Dwan’s life over the past few days. The legendary player who dominated Asia’s Full Tilt Poker online tables and high-stakes games has always been embroiled in controversy and breaking news. After receiving several claims for alleged debt, Dwan once again made headlines by announcing he was joining the ACR Poker Room as a professional player.

Canadians Peter Jetten and Haralabos Voulgaris

revealed publicly Dwan, because he allegedly owed them money for some time. This seems a little unfair considering that Dwan can’t defend himself publicly due to being temporarily banned from the platform X (Twitter) on which the accusation was made. But a few days ago, Tom reinstated his account and publicly defended himself.

Hi @haralabob For years you said shit when it suited you. .

Almost every time you are in public, I mention that you are unfair and that you are trying to apply pressure where we both believe I will be at legal risk. Not that I should do it, but a lot of people do

— Tom Dwan (@TomDwan) March 9, 2024

As you can see from the post, Dwan and Voulgaris came together to fight it with all their strength. In a recent statement to PokerNews, the American admitted that he believes what he experienced as a result of the allegations was simply unfair. He assured that while he was not in the media, they took advantage of the situation to distort his image and damage his image, without having the opportunity to express his defence. That’s why he’s doing it now.

But it may be Jetten’s case that hurts Dwan the most, since they are old friends. Jetten sent a message a while back advising not to do business with Dwan because he owed him money. One of Durrrr’s main complaints about the accusation is that he does not have the old text messages they exchanged when the issues arose, and therefore cannot publicly provide evidence to defend himself.

'Lies': Tom DeWine defends himself against accusat...

“d Bergkamp” wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR

“d Bergkamp” wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR

On Monday the 19th, the Brazilian team had a very difficult time in the GGPoker online MTT competition. In the $525 Bounty Hunters HR event, “d Bergkamp” finished on the podium and earned $32,138. There were 346 participants in the championship.

In the $150 Monday Monster Stack event, Vinícius “YoSoyYo” Lacerda was eliminated in heads-up play for $17,250. Minutes earlier, Dalton “morgota” Hobold had won fourth place for $9,996.

In the $2,100 Bounty Hunters Very Big Game HR, Alisson Piekazewicz was one game away from winning the event, earning $11,236.

Alison didn’t stop there. He finished sixth out of 109 runners in Monday’s $1,050 Monster Stack HR, a performance that earned him another $6,480.

Also on the site: João Mathias “12345123456” Baumgarten won gold in the $215 Daily Heater contest, earning $7,503.

“d Bergkamp” wins $525 Bounty Hunter HR

Eder Campana wins ACR Poker Sunday High Roller

The Amazing Eder Campana Ends Dream Sunday with AC...

Sunday (February 18) 2024 will always be remembered by star Eder Campana. The player who already has $100,000 in prize money on the GGPoker tables and started the main tournament final table capped off the ACR Poker Challenge with a strong performance, easily winning the Sunday High Roller.

The legendary 4Bet Poker Team player used his “campana17” account to defeat 1,180 entrants in the OSS Series of Tournaments and turn his $630 investment into$140,311 ‘s huge windfall. Eder Campana finished with a profit of $240,015.

To win the title, Eder first eliminated an opponent at the final table with AQ against JT on the Q3834 board. The Brazilian then got lucky and played an incredible hand on the KJTQA board, beating JJ with A9.

Eder gradually added chips to his stack and took over the final table as the chip leader. During a four-hand game, he issued a “TayTayBee” 88 against his opponent’s AK on a J7T8K board. He put a lot of pressure on both opponents in three hands.

ICM was very high, “luckyguyhaha” lost 66 against TT to third place “freierboy”, so Campana took the lead – live. The game started with the Brazilian holding 92 points against Freierboy’s K7, and Eder took a large chunk of his opponent’s chips with a straight on the 867T board.

Things became even more favorable when he entered a hand that read 637KQ and Campana had two pair with Q7. His opponent tried to bluff him with 98, but he couldn’t. All he had to do was get closer. Eder celebrated his victory in style as he scored 88 points against K4 in the final frame. Board 46j75 gave him the straight and the title.

The Amazing Eder Campana Ends Dream Sunday with AC...

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