Cary Katz takes pot from chip leader in $100,000 cooler

Cary Katz Takes Chip Lead Over Andrew Robl With Hu...

with After only a few eliminations before the precious ITM bubble burst in the $100,000 WSOP High Roller, casual player Cary Katz (one of the highest paid live tournament players in the world) took a decisive step towards the tournament’s FTF. He beat popular high-stakes cash game player Andrew Robl for the chip lead.

WSOP coverage covers running bets. Here’s how it goes: There are 16 players in the upcoming redraw, 14 of whom will reach the minimum prize pool of $171,034. With 50,000/100,000 blinds, Robl had just won a decent pot and hit about 36 big blinds before facing Katz in the final pot.

The confrontation between the two resulted in a 3-bet pot and proved to be the biggest point in the tournament so far. After the flop comes, the turn comes, and the river completes the board with . They already had about 2,500,000 chips in the middle of the table before the last street action. With a slightly higher stack, Katz announced that he was all-in for 2,225,000 chips, almost a pot.

Andrew Robl quickly called with 2,025,000 in chips and 3 in, but what surprised him was the PokerGO owner’s runner-up sequence. Katz led the way with 7,150,000 before the field was cut to 16 shortly after. By the time of the draw, he had grown to 9,880,000 in chips, more than double that of runner-up Jans Arends.

Cary Katz Takes Chip Lead Over Andrew Robl With Hu...

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  • Kirsten.prosacco

    This text provides a detailed account of a high-stakes poker tournament, highlighting the significant hand between players Cary Katz and Andrew Robl. Cary Katz emerged as the chip leader and continued to dominate the field, eventually securing more than double the number of chips as the runner-up.

  • Reichert.michele

    This text provides a brief summary of a high-stakes poker tournament, highlighting player Cary Katz’s significant chip lead after a crucial hand against Andrew Robl. Katz’s dominant position at the table is emphasized, with his chip count more than doubling that of the runner-up.

  • This text describes a high-stakes poker tournament where Cary Katz, a casual player, made a decisive move to take the chip lead. He outplayed Andrew Robl and significantly increased his stack, putting himself in a strong position to win the tournament.

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