Dante Goya is the winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunter SHR

Dante Goya is the winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunt...

On Monday the 22nd, the Brazilian experienced an unusual period at the GGPoker tables. In the $5,250 Bounty Hunters SHR event, Dante Goya lost the title shot to take home $39,081.

Marcelo “MasesNeto” Aziz finished second out of a field of 127 players in Monday’s $1,050 Monster Stack HR event, earning him $22,201 for his performance. In the same tournament, Felipe Ketzer (third place) and Luigi Soncin (fifth place) won $16,757 and $9,547 respectively.

The $54 Bounty Hunter Daily Main Event features a green and yellow duo. Fabio “EHUMANTONIO” Casagrande rounded out the podium, winning $20,044, while Guilherme “PILOT_T” Caetano finished second for $12,099. 5,160 competitors took part in the championship.

João Mathias “12345123456” Baumgarten won gold and $15,314 in the $150 Monday Monster Stack.

Also on the site: João Pedro “JotaLeclerc” Rocha defeated compatriot Gabriel Medeiros in a playoff to win $9,664. The runner-up received $7,247.

Dante Goya is the winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunt...

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  • This text highlights the success of several Brazilian players in GGPoker tournaments on Monday, with notable finishes in various events earning them significant cash prizes. The results showcase the talent and competitive spirit of the Brazilian poker community on the international stage.

  • This text describes the success of Brazilian poker players at various GGPoker events on Monday, including notable finishes and earnings. It showcases the talent and competitiveness of Brazilian players in the poker world.

  • This text highlights the impressive performances of Brazilian players in various poker events on GGPoker. It showcases their skills and success in earning significant prize money against tough competition.

  • This text describes the success of several Brazilian poker players at GGPoker tables on Monday the 22nd. They achieved impressive results in various events, earning significant winnings and showcasing their skills on an international platform.

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