Do you regret it? Blaise Bourgeois loses to Brazilian at WSOP

Bryce Bourgeois firmly refuses to buy Cayo de Luca...

Who Never miss a chance to make money and then regret it? American event-goer living in Brazil, Blaise Bourgeois, had a decision that led him to want to build a time machine. He received a $300 WSOP Gladiator bid from Caio de Lucca.

The WSOP’s cheapest tournament lived up to expectations and had a good field. There were 23,088 entries, the second-highest number of individual entries in history. The fact that it would take a huge effort to go further made Bourgeois uninterested in the proposal. Caio follows his friend on Instagram to see if he agrees to buy a stake.

“Arrived at the horseshoe . Gladiator time. Want a piece?” asked the Brazilian, who took the opposite path to Bryce, who is currently living in the United States. The American said “no” firmly: “Haha, at Gladiator? I agree. It’s a horror show, and the average blind in a bubble is about 18 blinds,” he replied.

Luca joked, “I know. It would be nice to crack it with 100 percent of me. The title didn’t come, but the Brasuca won with a solid $58,446 Cashed in on a major win of his career. In another tweet: Blaise said he usually gets 10% of those rides. If he believed, he would have won $5,844 for a small investment. Blaise, there you have A time machine?

I say no. He’s currently 3rd and the Poker Gladiators have 29 players left. $15.2K 🔒

Vamo @caio_delucca182 🔥🥲

– Blaise Bourgeois 🔥 (@BlaiseBourgeois) June 12, 2023

Bryce Bourgeois firmly refuses to buy Cayo de Luca...


  • This text describes a story about an American event-goer living in Brazil who had a chance to make money through a poker tournament but decided not to take the opportunity. The person he declined the offer from ended up winning a significant amount of money, leading the protagonist to regret his decision and jokingly wish for a time machine.

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