Farid Jattin and Bruno Volkmann aim for glory in 6-a-side NLH tournament

Farid Jattin and Bruno Volkmann aim for glory in 6...

Exciting Event #90: $10,000 Six-Hand No-Limit Hold’em Tournament continues and Day 2 keeps fans excited about what’s to come. Grinders who made the cut include Farid Jattin and Bruno Volkmann, who will be vying for glory today.

Bruno Volkmann is fighting for glory.

Famous Colombian player Jattin climbed to fourth place in chips with 77 BBs, an excellent starting position. Victory and the coveted gold bracelet.

Brazilian Bruno Volkmann, on the other hand, made it through despite being nearly eliminated in the bubble. Not only survived, but amassed an impressive stack of 55 BBs by the end of the day.

Event #90 was an action-packed and exciting tournament with 550 players and a $5,115,000 prize pool. After an intense second day of competition, only 30 players managed to advance to the next stage.

Day 3 promises to be an exciting one, with Latin fans’ eyes on the likes of Jattin and Volkmann. These talented contenders will use their chip positions to stay competitive and make WSOP history by winning another bracelet for the continent.

Day 3 is scheduled to start this Sunday at 1pm and will run until there is a match. a winner. The remaining 30 players will compete for the grand prize of $1,057,663 and the coveted bracelet. The game starts on level 21 with blinds of 10,000/25,000 and a big blind ante of 25,000. Levels are still 60 minutes long, with a 15-minute break after every two levels. Any longer rest periods are the responsibility of the players and tournament staff.

Event #90: $10,000 6-Hand No-Limit Hold’em Tournament

Buy-In: $10,000

Farid Jattin and Bruno Volkmann aim for glory in 6...

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