How about a Super High Roller event at the WSOP?

Artur Martirosyan is WSOP Super High Roller runner...

Most Expensive Tournament in the World Series, $250,000 Super Roller The away game also came to an end. Not only did the game get a lot of media coverage due to cost issues, but it was actually full of interesting events.

The race concluded in Moscow in the morning with Chris Brewer winning. He defeated Russia’s Artur Martirosyan heads-up. One-on-one matches start with the absolute advantage of our players. He has 75% of the chips in his box. However, our opponent couldn’t take advantage – he caught his out and doubled.

The last deal was also cooler – Brewer opened with and Martirosian called with . The flop favored the Russian: . On the turn, they bet , giving Arthur a flush draw and a block for the American. Despite a massive out, the river fell and Chris took his bracelet.

Arthur took home $3,271,666 for second place. However, the first bracelet was lost. It was the best result for a Russian player at the WSOP, both in terms of passing distance and prize money.

Nulls and refunded buy-ins

During the three days of the Super High Roller, there was a lot of news surrounding the tournament. One of the highlights was the unprecedented event where a player recouped a $250,000 buy-in. It turned out that the participant was Jason Kuhn. He signed up to play and played a few levels, but at this point his wife was in labor and demanded a refund of the buy-in from the organizers. After a short discussion, Jason got his buy-in back and congratulated him on the birth of his second son.

The second piece of news was a completely unknown player in the $250,000 tournament. His name is Dustin Bailey, he works in the oil industry, and he lives in Texas. As he said in an interview with PokerNews, he wasn’t really interested in poker, having played it since college. But he suddenly decided to come to such an expensive competition. Remarkably, Dustin didn’t even know Helmut and Ivy, who were sitting at his table.

Artur Martirosyan is WSOP Super High Roller runner...


  • This text seems to be discussing the most expensive tournament in the World Series of Poker, highlighting some interesting events and the final outcome. It also mentions two noteworthy incidents during the tournament, including a player who received a refund on their buy-in due to personal reasons and an unknown player from Texas participating in the tournament.

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