On the minds of the 2022 WSOP Pros (28): Kitai picks up Amadi’s lead in the 6-Max $10k event.

On the minds of the 2022 WSOP Pros (28): Kitai pic...

There is no better festival in the world than the World Series of Poker and Winamax cameras capture all the excitement and beauty of the track.

Caesars has been successful In the Mind of a Pro The team could easily shine at the WSOP and it’s an exciting class. New scene, new action, but same story at the most anticipated event of the year.

The time lapse between one WSOP and the next happened as the Americans scrambled to make their fall 2021 schedule and then returned to summer locations, four months later, ELMDUP is back where it used to be: The entire Winamax team competes for the gold bracelet in Las Vegas.

We are already disturbed that we have not seen any of the Spain squad members already off the hook, and after Adrian Mateos took a heavy dose, France will try to close the cycle of the season , it will be that Davidi Kitai is the one who initiated it, and he will try to conquer the 10k$ 6-Max for the red W.

Let’s not get too caught up in it Amadi was revived for a moment during the game and he cried so we could learn about his tormentor who will be in the 24th Knock him out. With four tables remaining, he has just beaten a strong opponent. How confident is Kitai in wearing this bracelet?

The image thumbnails are direct links to YouTube videos. Don’t forget to turn on subtitles in the player.


On the minds of the 2022 WSOP Pros (28): Kitai pic...

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