One left: Barbero from Luxon

One left: Barbero from Luxon

The most expensive tournament in the world this month, which has entered the top 25 in history with a $29,500,000 pot, will enter its final stage this Saturday. Four Latino Players Enter Day 2 of the $260,000 Luxon Pay Invitational in the Triton Super High Roller Series in London: Ernildo Santos Yuri Dzivielevski, Pedro Garagnani and the unstoppable ACR Pro Team Nacho Barbero just finished second for the tournament’s top prize money, The prize money for seventh place is $3,445.807.

However, no one made the final table and not everyone won the money, an achievement reserved for the top 23 of the 69 players who advanced on Friday, out of a field of 118 entrants completed.

Pedro Garagnani, the only Latin ITM.

The first to retire was Dzivielevski (No. 69). He is followed by his compatriot Santos, who also serves as CEO of a sports betting company, at No. 56. Then, 39-year-old Barbero fell and has nine cashes in this year’s Triton series. A total of 5,657,107 Americans participated.

Already passed the ITM limit and was the only one of the foursome to make the cut. Garagnani, the first Brazilian Triton winner, added $342,000 for his 21st place finish.

At the time of writing, the tournament has been consolidated into a 3-hand tournament with Bryn Kenney leading the chip leaderboard with 14,950,000 chips followed by Talal Shakerchi, with 13,825,000 people. Punnat Punsri of Thailand topped the podium with 6,525,000 points.

One left: Barbero from Luxon


  • This text provides information about a high-stakes poker tournament in London, highlighting the presence of four Latino players who have reached the second day of the event. It mentions the prize money for seventh place and the fact that only one of the four players made it to the final table.

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