WSOP 2023 Day 20: Daniel Cates and Martin Cabrell, two very different shows

WSOP 2023 Day 20: Daniel Cates and Martin Cabrell,...

Sunday’s World Series of Poker was almost dominated by two personalities.

To start the week off in good shape, we’ll prioritize Daniel Cates, who returns to the WSOP as the ruthless robot assassin for his third straight won the Poker Players Championship in 2009.

At least for purists and hybrid gaming fans alike, the unofficial World Championship is about to enter its sixteenth edition. This year is set to be its breakout year, with the Bushman Effect nearly doubling its entries from an all-time low of 63 players in 2021 to the 112 players it beat last year.

It’s a pity, but what is abnormal is not the poor record two seasons ago, but the record in 2022. Only 73 prospects have been returned so far, with no buyback rights, and the latest record of three still isn’t enough to turn that around. trend.

When Daniel Cates nearly became one of the first players to be eliminated, the disappointment nearly collapsed. Fortunately, the Terminator knows how to restore it, even if the synthetic skin doesn’t cover up all its flaws. “I’ll be back” wait, you know what I mean.

The first six levels have eliminated 19 people. Most notable were Daniel Negreanu, Eli Elezra and the festival’s only two-time winner Chad Eveslage. Topping the pay list are Josh Arieh, Phil Ivey and Viktor Blom.

  1. Josh Ariel 1,088,000
  2. Phil Ivey 944,500
  3. James Fruit 929,500
  4. John Monet 800,500
  5. Victor Blom 789,000

At the other end of the spectrum, Martin Kabhrel For sadder, more controversial and unnecessary reasons.

Rozvadov’s regulars have a lot of ugly habits at the dinner table. Some things, like his incessant, hurtful verbiage, use and abuse of the time allotted for every action of the game, or unwillingness to abide by tournament officials’ decisions no longer surprise anyone.

Others may assume that he forcibly moves his hand over the cards, or has a habit of lifting or bending over the table to get a better view of the deck, or that the backs of the cards follow a pattern of Strategies aimed at marking cards and cheating in the game.

Multiple videos on social media show Cabrell repositioning certain cards under his index finger, which is sometimes sticky, or digging into the back of the card as if to leave a nail print.

Martin Kabrhel ruined the map. Switch decks @WSOP

— Hugo Lemaire (@HHHUGINHO) June 19, 2023

Look what he said to the king

— Вано (@Vano56765666675) June 18, 2023

Once You know the guy better, an equally obvious gesture is as shown in the first video, he puts the cards in the center of the table and then uses his hands as paws, this is most likely another spoof acting without mercy, Making opponents more desperate, but tournament officials did back the players’ clear signal to Kabul.

During the final table, Chance Kornuth built up chips and put up a barrier to prevent Kabrhel from seeing the back of his cards, and management instituted a special rule against Leave your seat during the game. Cabrel pretended to ignore the rule, leading to further intervention by the FT’s presence. – He said: “Yes, there is a caveat. This rule was made precisely to protect us from you,” Knuth told him.

Sixth-place eliminated Dan Smith said, “Good luck to everyone” as he left the table, before turning to Kabul and saying, “I hope you get kicked out of the festival

These events also cast a shadow over Chris Brewer’s long-awaited victory in the most important race he has played in recent times. Critical moments are plagued by doom, and get rid of the spell with more bonuses. Over $5 million and his first WSOP bracelet.

Brewer and Benny Glaser won their fifth bracelet yesterday and became the most awarded European player of the series, as they put together an almost unrivaled winning combination for the WSOP 2023 gallery .

Gallery of Champions

Event #39 $250,000 Super High Roller

Chris Brewer $5,293,556 (69 players)

Event #38 2-7 TD Championship

Benny Glaser $311,428 (130 players)

The 2023 WSOP is a Redemption series, Ike Haxton or Chris Brewer and five-time champion’s first bracelet, Brian Yoon, John Monnette or Josh Arieh also got a bracelet.

Benny Glaser’s win was also his fifth, but it was more special than the others because Glaser was born in England. This is an important fact because, to date, no one born in Europe has reached that number. Hopefully Amadi catches up soon.

Now that we have the ball in the Reds court, we have to mention two games that looked pretty cheap and complicated, some of which were irretrievable.

In the MONSTER STACK, unless official reports state otherwise, only one of the dozens or more depth candidates gathered there appears to have survived to the third sky.

He is José Luis Puente, and he takes courage when he sees that he is about to become a millionaire.

We are in our third day. 386 out of 8317. 1 copy is worth $1,162,681. Let’s think of something cool 💪🏻🙌🏻

—amavis (@amaviss) June 19, 2023

In order to continue his millionaire mission, Amavis had to leave behind a few tired teammates along the way

  • No. 388 – Oscar Blanco $5,296
  • 390°. Romain Lewis $5,296
  • 550°. Paolo Lozano $3,849
  • $1,130 Jorge Ufano $2,401
  • $1,154 Samuel Bernabeu $2,401 $2,401

Jorge Ufano has shown near-perfect continuity in the absence of more compelling results as he jumps straight to the 800 The dollar is deep-stacked, and that’s where he’ll make his sixth box-office hit of the summer.

He ranked 63rd out of 238 players and the only company he found on this side of the bubble was Leo Margets (No. 247, $1,976).

A tight bag expected to be replenished by two good performances from Amaviz and Jorge and new contenders signing up for the $3,000 tournament.

What’s happening starting today, June 19th?

WSOP 2023 Day 20: Daniel Cates and Martin Cabrell,...


  • The text discusses the World Series of Poker and highlights the dominance of Daniel Cates and the controversy surrounding Martin Kabrhel. It also mentions the achievements of Chris Brewer and Benny Glaser. Additionally, it mentions the progress of José Luis Puente in the Monster Stack tournament.

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