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TigerGaming is a poker room that is part of the famed Chico poker network, and the great majority of its players are from the United States. It offers cash games of Hold’em and Omaha, as well as multi-table and single-table tournaments.

The TigerGaming brand of online gambling services is governed by a gaming license given by the government of Curacao.

One of our primary objectives is to ensure our customers’ well-being. Playing poker should be not only pleasant, but also free of any possible technical or informational risks. To that purpose, we have established a pleasant and safe space for gamers that not only keeps personal data but also provides a plethora of options, allowing us to tailor the features of our service to the exact needs of each individual customer. Every TigerGaming player gets access to the company’s privacy policy, as well as its legal limits and rules. Our online assistance is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any inquiries or problems!

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To win bets or eliminate all other players from the game, you must construct the greatest possible poker hand using five cards. The game is played with either completely or partially concealed playing cards. Depending on the kind of poker being played, the rules might vary. All poker variants have combinations, and trading is an integral part of the game. Players in a hand of poker have limited access to relevant game information because to the nature of the draw. In many parlor games, participants only have access to a portion of the available information, as opposed to the whole picture in games like chess.

Connective Games is the software’s creator. The program is accessible for download on Windows and Mac OS, but there is no need to install it since immediate play is possible in a browser. English is the interface language.

The games in the lobby are classified as cash, MTT tournaments, Sit&Go, and Windfall (a SnG variant with a jackpot). There is an easy filter for each format, which simplifies and speeds up the search for tables/events.

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