Juan Pardo gets cold card and finishes 9th in GGMillion$ competition

Juan Pardo gets cold card and finishes 9th in GGMi...

Tuesday night is time for GGPoker’s premier regular tournament, a €10,000 buy-in event called GGMillion$.

This week we watched Juan Pardo, the best Spanish player in the event, and since he was the short stack in this event, he entered the final table with The situation is very delicate.

Juan’s options for improvement are limited to two options: either he ups the ante, or Bart Stevens and Volodymyr Palamar (who also lack the leverage) leave the Financial Times before him 》.

None of the two happened. Although Juan completed two full laps without being able to race with one hand, Palamar and Bert Stevens significantly raised their expectations for the race, with the Belgian moving up to provisional second place, The Ukrainian laid the foundation for his existence in people’s minds. .

Given this, Juan needs some mercy from the deck, in the form of AA. Folding gave him a little more than what he invested in the blinds, and when he saw that the next hand was AT, he went all-in again.

The chip leader, Daniel Smirkovic, who until then had been as immobile as the Spaniard, finally agreed to take action, kicking the Spaniard out with an AK.

From that moment on, in the official broadcast, there was doubt as to whether anyone could surpass the three-time runner-up under the Austrian flag.

Replay the ending as an alternative to watching the game. You might prefer GGPoker affiliate player Steve Enriquez’s own production, with Juanjo Naharro joining the mic.

This answer, although incorrect, was initiated by Bart Stevens, who owns the skin of Enrico Camosci A double defeat with Riverazo and the Finn “BAAABUUSKIIIIII”. The race remains undecided, but it won’t be “Girafganger” who threatens Smilkovic’s lead.

Stevens ended the title talks with a failed bluff, which got Palama back on track. Matthew Stumpf was eliminated by Smiljkovic, leaving 13 million points between the two big-stack players , while their three opponents scored 2.5 million points.

Kannapong Thanarattrakul and Bert Stevens

It wouldn’t last long, but Samuel Vousden found relief in the Ukrainian’s stack, with a brilliant fold of AK against Palamar’s The AA 4bet won GGMillion$, and he doubled up once against his opponent and hit a couple of mid-range pots.

Smiljkovic’s hallmarks of perfect but cautious play were starting to change. He was unable to win on three Winning a hand at the human table. He went all-in on the flop against a bluff and called an all-in, leaving him with just half a stack when the tournament flipped against Palamar, with the Ukrainian’s JJ against his AK.

Vousden left time to get back to HU. He had to double twice to take the lead, but achieved the same result through subtle attrition work, ultimately leading to Volodymyr on a river that favored the Europeans A bluffing overbet attempt was made on the card.Destroying his ability The opponent’s lies were the key to HU, and finally Finn made two big calls on the river for second pair.

Juan Pardo gets cold card and finishes 9th in GGMi...

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  • This text appears to be a detailed recount of a high-stakes poker tournament, with a focus on the actions and strategies of the players involved. It seems to highlight moments of tension, strategy, and ultimately, victory in the game.

  • Julio.bernier

    This text seems to be describing a high-stakes poker tournament with intense gameplay and strategic moves from players like Juan Pardo. The narrative follows the tension and suspense of the game as different players make bold moves and eventually leading to a showdown between two opponents for the title.

  • The text describes a high-stakes poker tournament with various players making strategic moves and bluffs. The game ultimately comes down to a showdown between two players, with one player making successful calls on the river to secure the win. It showcases the intensity and skill involved in high-level poker gameplay.

  • The text provides a detailed account of a high-stakes poker tournament, focusing on the actions and strategies of the players involved. It showcases the intensity and unpredictability of the game, as well as the importance of skill and decision-making in such competitions.

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