alferez17 represents us in PokerStars MicroMillions, cabodomundo wins the double

alferez17 represents us in PokerStars MicroMillion...

Day 4 of the MicroMillions Series took place yesterday on PokerStars. Another 10 planned events concluded that day. “alferez17” was the only Spanish winner after another day dominated from start to finish by their neighbors from the north of the Pyrenees, who claimed four new titles .

The French team widens the gap in the overall standings

With 44 games, the outstanding performance of French players puts France in the >national ranking :

  • 1. France: 15 wins.
  • 2. Portugal: 11.
  • 3. Brazil and Spain: 7 wins.
  • 5. Thailand, Philippines, Lithuania and Vietnam: 1.

cabodomundo doubles in multi-table tournaments

La Roja recorded a total of 15 wins in yesterday’s MTT, Two of them came from the same player “cabodomundo”, a €10 bounty builder and the €50 PKO of the night. These are Wednesday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “SOYPACO11” (PKO Turbo €10).
  2. “-PuGnaK-89” (PKO Turbo €10).
  3. “alexpeluca39” (SuperStack €1).
  4. “Manumontyf1” (PKO €20).
  5. “KatrynVV” (Colossal 30) €).
  6. “bboykste” (PKO €5).
  7. “Madroni24” (PKO €10).
  8. “t twi$ter” (SuperStack €10).
  9. “cabodomundo” (bounty generator 10 euros).
  10. “chalaita” (SuperStack €2).
  11. “Forcada1996” (Big Bang) €50).
  12. “alferez17” (MM-44 €20).
  13. ADRIONE13″ (Midnight Express €20). * “ADRIONE13” (Midnight Express €20).
  14. rubenrpm23″ (PKO €5). *”rubenrpm23″ (PKO 5€). *”cabodomundo” (PKO 5 euros).
  15. “cabodomundo” (PKO 50€).

alferez17 represents us in PokerStars MicroMillion...

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  • The text highlights the success of French players in the MicroMillions Series on PokerStars, with 15 wins leading the national ranking. Spanish players also had a strong showing, with 7 wins on Day 4, including two victories from player cabodomundo in multiple tournaments.

  • The text discusses the results of Day 4 of the MicroMillions Series on PokerStars, highlighting the dominance of French players with 15 wins. It also mentions the performance of Spanish players, with cabodomundo winning two tournaments in one day.

  • Hagenes.alyce

    It seems the French players had a strong showing in the MicroMillions Series, winning the most events. However, Spain also had some successful players, with cabodomundo standing out as a double winner in multi-table tournaments.

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