Crazy hand in cash game ends with pot and double ramirada

Winner and loser go head-to-head in crazy $310K ca...

Recording for the second season of the cash game “No Gamble, No Future” has begun at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas, and the opening episode already features a hilarious hand. Stop, which had limits of $200/$400, saw five players act preflop, but it ended with two of them clashing in the final act.

The hand begins with James Bord opening the hand. to $1,400. Eric Persson, Erick Hicks, and Pennzoil Don in the small blind called until David Orburn in the big blind David Oppenheim called. He was the black sheep of this round, going all-in for $10,000. Bord and Hicks folded, but Persson and Don followed him to see the flop.

The flop came and chaos ensued as the middle pot had grown to $33,200. Oppenheim, with , c-beted $17,000 with top pair. Don stood up and Persson both called with speculative hands. The pot jumped to $84,200, the turn came . and the show began.

Don Checking Oppenheim, Persson had the worst hand, but he figured it out and dropped the $68,000 bomb. He has more chips than both opponents. Pennzoil Don thought for a few seconds and called all-in for $113,000. Oppenheim – with better hands – failed miserably. Persson asked for a count and they struck up some conversation.

Don understands that Persson has called the pot, but it hasn’t happened yet. Out of innocence, he said he had a tie, not a pair. “You gave me something,” Persson replied. Don realized his mistake, put his hand to his forehead and complained. Eric finally called and they showed their cards.

Pennzoil Don has a 43% chance of a draw, and Persson has to dodge a crazy 19 outs. They only hit once, and the dealer flops on the river. Don completed the flush, but Persson completed the full house. The most interesting thing is that it was the turn of two people. Pennzoil thought he had won the pot, while

Winner and loser go head-to-head in crazy $310K ca...

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  • This text describes a humorous hand in the second season of the cash game No Gamble, No Future, where two players clash in a high-stakes poker game. The hand ends with a surprising twist, as one player initially believes they have won the pot, but ultimately loses to a stronger hand.

  • The text describes an entertaining hand in the second season of the cash game No Gamble, No Future. It involves multiple players and a series of bets, leading to a surprising outcome where Pennzoil Don initially thinks he has won the pot, but Eric Persson ultimately ends up with a winning full house.

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    The text describes an intense and exciting hand in a cash game at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas, with Persson and Don clashing in a high-stakes showdown. Despite Don initially seeming to have the upper hand, Persson ultimately comes out on top with a full house on the river, showcasing the unpredictable nature of poker.

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