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Fernando Valverde discusses his latest hit, the im...

To have a solid career in poker, you need to be very focused on the game, learn a lot to perfect your skills, and wait for the long haul. For some, this is a daunting task, but there are examples of successful professionals who have been through it all. Such is the case with Samba Poker grinder Fernando Valverde, who this week achieved the biggest success of his career: $86,482.

Having been involved in the game for nearly eight years, the player from the governor of Valladares, Minas Gerais, threw himself into poker after losing his job as an engineer, and was very interested in his Make big bets on your career and dedicate yourself to poker until you achieve your goals. The result: Fernando Valverde is now one of the main players on the Samba Poker team.

“When I moved on to poker after leaving engineering, I took money from the “hots” and invested it” It’s all in the game. I realized that this game was becoming a part of my life: at lunch, coffee and dinner, for example, the topic always came up. I’m in love with this game. This was a turning point in my life. I’m a very family-oriented person and my father was also ill for about three years at the time and I was living outside of Valladares, so I had to go back there and try to fill his role because my mother and He is taking care of the house on his own. Of course, I’m nowhere near the person my dad is, but I think it’s important to give my mom strength here and listen to her when she needs it. Although I live in the interior of Minas Gerais, far away from the major cities, I am someone who loves to travel, whether to attend live events or sightseeing. “It helped me a lot, broke the routine and gave me a new perspective during difficult times,” he said of where it all started.

With beautiful graphics on major online platforms, accounts “fernandoefv” (PokerStars) and “OldButGold77” (GG Poker). Remarkable results were achieved under both nicknames. The star has gone through some setbacks in his career but has always stayed grounded. That means he successfully completed the final leg of the Bounty Hunter HR main event last Monday.

“I’m a ‘lucky guy’ because the biggest drawdown I’ve ever experienced was $40,000, which is about my average” Not a lot of consensus. I focus on improving my daily habits and becoming a healthier, better person. This huge success came when I least expected it, like everyone else, when I focus on achieving something great, things don’t go smoothly but when I give it my all and forget about the reward, huge success will come. Little did I know that my main event of the day was the €125 PS Championship in Spain, which was the second day at odds of 2/180, so I was super excited. The grind continues, the screen turns off, and ultimately it’s just a mystery that I play with great concentration. Everything went well, I ran when I had to, I made the right decisions and it turned out great, and I’m happy because I’ve been having great success for a while now. I always want to add value. I can’t change my life yet and I don’t want to financially, but it does give me motivation to remind myself that I’m on the right track with my work and that I’m still good at this game, which is good, haha,” he said.

Fernando Valverde at the 2023 BSOP Millions

The above-mentioned tournament, the GGPoker tournament organized by Fernando Valverde, where he finished second in the same tournament, brought him great success, earning him a prize of $60,000 and a place in the Global Million Dollar 50 Two podium finishes in the USD Race and a first place win in the GGMasters $150 Race. All this happened in two years (2021 and 2022), with four hits totaling over $230,000 in prize money. They all have one thing in common: they are located in large fields. Are miners experts in this area?

“I wouldn’t say I’m a big domain expert. I was just used to playing samba from the beginning when the changes were big. strategy, it has always worked for me. I really enjoy playing in the afternoons and on Sundays. I play in the afternoon because I can go to bed “early” and get up early. I just lived a poker life in the early hours of the morning, and when I got up at 2pm, I felt uncomfortable for a long time. That’s why I prefer to start early and play later, but only if those last ones really pay off, then that’s not a problem because I might be giving up something, right? I think if I chose the strategy of playing in smaller venues it would still be profitable, but that’s not my focus right now because I play for a team and I don’t mind exposing myself to differences. ” he explained.

Fernando’s victory even led to a change in his appearance. Valverde, who is famous for his long hair, decided to cut it off and will appear with a new look at a live event. Next week, the pro will confidently head to Rio de Janeiro for the KSOP GGPoker South America, where he will put into practice everything he has planned in his quest for the big prize.

“That was the second time I let it grow and the first time I cut it off and donated it to me.This second time I was really lazy and it stuck to my hair. It’s hot where I live, and it’s hard because of the heat. I’ve been wanting to cut it off for a while. After the huge blow, I went crazy and went to the barber shop to get my hair cut. My hair was starting to fall out and I didn’t want to go bald. I cut it out again and donated it. The huge success gave me the courage to do it. As far as career is concerned, this year I will focus more on my studies, which I have been lacking in these few months, and I have to give my best, after all I play quite expensively. I’ll be on the stream as well, I really enjoy playing and I feel better every game I play and I still want to do well. I will be traveling to Rio de Janeiro for the KSOP. By the way, other activities depend on the company of my friends and if I want to travel, but I think yes, I play live at least three or four times a year, it’s nice to meet new people and still be in the Big party city, always good . ” he said.

In order to achieve his achievements and realize all these dreams, Fernando received support and help from many people. The miner has always been very grateful to meet good people in his life, and he did not say thank you, but is to end the interview with a message to everyone who helps him every day and makes “fernandoefv” better at poker and socially.

“First of all my mom, she’s been there since I dropped out of college to play. Always supported me. She never wanted it, but she always supported me and took me home. She helps me with everything. She’s really great. My family, my supportive sisters, always send me the traditional “GL” when I train. I can’t even name all the friends who have helped me, there are many. I’m very grateful to them. And samba, it gave me the opportunity to grow, a great structure and pushed me to push my boundaries. As a player, I am very grateful and can fully recommend this team. Don’t forget God, He has been by my side throughout my life. I want to give back to the community and surround myself with great people. ” concludes Fernando Valverde.

Fernando Valverde discusses his latest hit, the im...

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  • Overall, the text provides an overview of Fernando Valverde’s poker career and his achievements. It highlights the dedication and focus required to pursue a successful career in poker. The text also mentions Valverde’s personal challenges and how he found solace and purpose in the game. Valverde’s success and resilience are emphasized, with his notable tournament finishes and prize money totals mentioned. The text ends with a question about whether miners, referring to people from Minas Gerais, Brazil, are experts in poker. Overall, the text showcases Valverde’s passion for the game and his determination to succeed.

  • This text portrays the journey and success of professional poker player Fernando Valverde. It highlights his dedication to the game, focus on improvement, and his ability to stay grounded despite setbacks. The text also mentions his personal struggles and the motivation he finds in his family and traveling. It demonstrates the hard work and determination required to succeed in the competitive world of professional poker. Overall, it is an inspiring story of persistence and achievement in the face of challenges.

  • This text highlights the journey and success of Fernando Valverde in the world of poker. It portrays him as a dedicated and focused individual who has overcome challenges and setbacks to achieve significant wins in various tournaments. The text also touches upon his personal life, showing his commitment to family and the support he provides to his loved ones.

    Overall, the text shows the dedication and hard work required to succeed in the competitive world of professional poker. Fernando Valverde’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring poker players, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement, perseverance, and a positive mindset.

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