‘Lies’: Tom DeWine defends himself against accusations

'Lies': Tom DeWine defends himself against accusat...

A lot has happened in Tom Durrrr Dwan’s life over the past few days. The legendary player who dominated Asia’s Full Tilt Poker online tables and high-stakes games has always been embroiled in controversy and breaking news. After receiving several claims for alleged debt, Dwan once again made headlines by announcing he was joining the ACR Poker Room as a professional player.

Canadians Peter Jetten and Haralabos Voulgaris

revealed publicly Dwan, because he allegedly owed them money for some time. This seems a little unfair considering that Dwan can’t defend himself publicly due to being temporarily banned from the platform X (Twitter) on which the accusation was made. But a few days ago, Tom reinstated his account and publicly defended himself.

Hi @haralabob For years you said shit when it suited you. .

Almost every time you are in public, I mention that you are unfair and that you are trying to apply pressure where we both believe I will be at legal risk. Not that I should do it, but a lot of people do

— Tom Dwan (@TomDwan) March 9, 2024

As you can see from the post, Dwan and Voulgaris came together to fight it with all their strength. In a recent statement to PokerNews, the American admitted that he believes what he experienced as a result of the allegations was simply unfair. He assured that while he was not in the media, they took advantage of the situation to distort his image and damage his image, without having the opportunity to express his defence. That’s why he’s doing it now.

But it may be Jetten’s case that hurts Dwan the most, since they are old friends. Jetten sent a message a while back advising not to do business with Dwan because he owed him money. One of Durrrr’s main complaints about the accusation is that he does not have the old text messages they exchanged when the issues arose, and therefore cannot publicly provide evidence to defend himself.

'Lies': Tom DeWine defends himself against accusat...

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  • This text discusses how Tom Dwan has recently been facing controversy and claims of debt from other players in the poker community. Dwan has been vocal in defending himself against these accusations, which he believes are unfair and damaging to his reputation. Despite challenges in providing evidence to support his defense, he is determined to clear his name.

  • This text discusses recent controversy surrounding poker player Tom Dwan, who was accused of owing money to other players. Dwan defended himself on Twitter after being temporarily banned, claiming the allegations were unfair and damaging to his reputation. The lack of evidence, such as old text messages, makes it difficult for Dwan to fully defend himself against the accusations.

  • The text discusses the recent controversies surrounding poker player Tom Dwan, including allegations of debt and his response to them. Dwan has publicly defended himself against the claims and feels that he has been unfairly portrayed in the media.

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