Listen to the 234th Macca Poker Show podcast: Javier Etayo and Daniel Arribas

Listen to the 234th Macca Poker Show podcast: Javi...

MarcaPoker gained 234 yesterday. Broadcast on Radio Marca, thanks to sponsors David Luzago and Winamax.

David discussed poker News, both national and international, in a half-hour show that was, as always, very entertaining.

We will not reveal the content; we only provide a Table of Contents:

David Luzago’s own news summary.

A conversation with Javier Etayo about his long poker career, his life in the UK and his performance in North American DFS.

A conversation with Daniel Arribas who is in the middle of his road trip driving across Europe, heading to WPO Bratislava in a few weeks.

Links with Barcelona European Poker Tour and Seville SPF.

If you can’t listen live, we recommend you listen to MarcaPoker’s tape without hesitation, you deserve it!

Listen to the 234th Macca Poker Show podcast: Javi...

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  • This text seems to be discussing the success and content of a poker show called MarcaPoker, which aired on Radio Marca. It mentions the show’s sponsors, David Luzago and Winamax, and provides a brief outline of the topics covered in the show, including interviews with Javier Etayo and Daniel Arribas. The text recommends listening to the show for an enjoyable experience.

  • This text seems to be a promotional announcement for MarcaPoker. It mentions that they had a successful broadcast on Radio Marca and discusses the content of the show, including interviews with poker players and updates on upcoming events. The text concludes by encouraging listeners to check out MarcaPoker’s tape.

  • The text highlights the success of MarcaPoker and their recent broadcast featuring poker news discussions with David Luzago and sponsored by Winamax. The show includes interviews with poker players Javier Etayo and Daniel Arribas, as well as updates on upcoming events like the European Poker Tour in Barcelona and the Seville SPF. It seems like a comprehensive and engaging program for poker enthusiasts.

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