The Poker Gods Rejoice: Numbers from the Bahamas, Prague and Las Vegas.

The Poker Gods Rejoice: Numbers from the Bahamas,...

This time, Phil Hellmuth’s choice of attire for his triumphant entry into the World Series of Poker Main Event seemed to be the perfect one for the occasion.

Shopkeeper His is one of the most numerous bracelets on earth, 17 in total, surrounded by mermaids, symbolizing the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. His Olympic counterparts, responsible for the opportunity, fun and competition, must have been delighted with the invitations they received from the Bahamas, Las Vegas and Prague.

The WSOP, WPT and EPT are ongoing. There is a small valley of information due to the coincidence of tournaments with multiple Day 1s, but there is one remarkable coincidence to all of them: the number of participants is mind-boggling. incredible.

WPT Prime Tournament

The World Poker Tour needed the Wynn Hotel to provide the space needed to accommodate players ready to try their luck at the top event of the season in the second round of live poker’s Dean Brand Days.

The first WPT Primer tournament ended with an incredible 10,512 entrants, no less than twice as many as in 2022!

Tour Commissioner Adam Pliska released the official numbers and announced the highest buy-in prize ever awarded in the tournament at $1,100. The winner will receive $1,386,280.

We will have to pay close attention to the official roster for Day 2 of Qualification to see which players we will select, such as Oscar Blanco, Jose Jaraiz, Alejandro Perez or Javier Zarco as we discovered in the official follow-up of the previous days They still exist. By the way, all of them except Zarco have good leverage.

Eureka Prague

The EPT’s first major tournament in Prague, the main event of the Eureka Poker Tour, accomplished the unthinkable: making Estrellas de Barcelona smaller.

In the Czech capital, Pokerstars has had 4,403 players take part in the tournament, with a buy-in of €1,100, a thousand euros more than the summer event in Barcelona.

In order to achieve such a large scale of participants, the EPT attracts player nationalities from a variety of fields. The ridiculous Spanish box list in Eureka represents only a small fraction of Prague’s Reds squad, which certainly helps put the seriousness of this incident into perspective.

  • 81°. David Tous €6,850.
  • 114°. Ramon Collias €5,960.
  • 180°. Victor Pryor €4,520 4,520
  • 201° Alejandro Vazquez €3,930.
  • 205°. Gonzalo Huerta €3,930 €3,930 218°.
  • 218°. Miguel Martinez 3,930 € 3,930
  • 239°. Alvaro Gomez €3,420 €3,420 244°.
  • 244°. Daniel Lopez 3,420 € 3,420
  • 373° Gerard Rubiralta 2,580 € 2,580 € 2,580
  • 452° Jorge Rios 2,240 € 2,240 €.
  • 501°. Daniel Fernandez 2,240 € 2,240
  • 511°. Ruben Zurilla 2,240 € 2,240
  • 587°. Adrian Govia 1,940 € 1,940 € 593°.
  • 593° George Kyriak 1,940 € 1,940
  • 594° José González 1,940 € 1,940 € 1,940
  • 599°. Guillermo Gordo €1,940 €1,940 603°.
  • 603° Jorge Ufano €1,940 €1,940 €1,940
  • 604°. Andres Sendalubias €1,940 €1,940 €1,940.
  • 609°. Antonio Rodriguez 1,690 € 1,690
  • 641. Juan Martín 1,690 € 1,690 € 1,690
  • 658º Jorge Palomino 1,690 € 1,690 €.

The tournaments most affected by competition are those with higher buy-ins. Only 20 pieces sold for SHR $50,000. Eleven players advanced to day two, with Juan Pardos in third place.

WSOP Paradise

After a stellar start with 3,446 players in the Mystic Millions, 533 players in the GGMillion$ High Roller, and 2,234 players in the Mini Main Event, WSOP Paradise is facing a serious test in the Main Event, guaranteed The prize is $15 million.

The price in The Bahamas is half that of the Summer Mirror, with a buy-in of $5,000, so the organization’s conservative forecast appears to be settling for 3,000 players.

Day 1A has already started with 515 players, GGPoker’s online flights are 883, and Phase 1b’s online flights are 657, so two-thirds of the guaranteed amount has been allocated by the two upcoming 1st Stage coverage. This means another bag will overflow.

Juan Baraza, Daniel Palau, Jon Ander Vallinas and Adrián Mateos were already there in person the following day. We’ll see who else can join 1 in the remaining days.

The Poker Gods Rejoice: Numbers from the Bahamas,...

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