The winner of the Women’s BSOP SP was Regina Cassab.

Regina Cassab was a regular on the circuit and fin...

On the first day of the Sao Paulo BSOP, the poker tables were busy and the champion was crowned. Nine women competed for the coveted Glamor Women Championship trophy at the Sheraton Ballroom at the World Trade Center, and plain Regina Kassab emerged victorious.

The São Paulo native is proficient in almost every kind of mixed race. The 106 contestants showed a strong performance and finally won the championship. Despite being eliminated several times in the women’s competition, Regina Cassab still won R$13,500. The registration fee is R$600.

Caique Morais, an expert, takes a break from cash games to challenge BSOP Specialty Poker Operators’ PLO 5 to win poker games.

With this victory , the player won his/her second BSOP trophy. In 2016, during a stop at Punta Del Leste, Regina won her first competition: a $230 Deepstack Turbo. Also in 2015 and 2018, the women’s race at São Paulo saw eight wins and two podium finishes.

She had several huge wins, beating all her opponents to reach the final table before claiming victory. For example, experienced player Nayara Rocha came in last. Then there’s Thais Salzer. Last week, she took first place in the women’s division at NPS Fortaleza. Other contestants including Katia Moreira, Danielle Seyffert, Caroline Ribeiro, Iasmyn Kochinski, Buna Unzueta and Bianca França were eliminated.

View the final ranking of the BSOP Sao Paulo Women’s Division:

Regina Cassab, first place: 13,500 R$

For two people, Bianca França received R$ 9,300.

Bruna Unzueta, third place (R$6,060)

R #4 Iasmyn Kochinski Awarded $4,950

Prize #5: Caroline Ribeiro Awarded BRL 3,960

R$ 3,090 Sixth place Thais Saltzer

7. Ranking: Danielle Seyffert 2,440 R$

Eighth place, Katia Moreira: 1,860 reais

Nayara Rocha, ninth (R$1,360)

Regina Cassab was a regular on the circuit and fin...

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  • This text provides a detailed account of the Sao Paulo BSOP poker tournament, highlighting the champion, Regina Kassab, and her victory in the women’s competition. It also mentions other participants and their rankings, as well as the prize money awarded to them.

    Additionally, it mentions Caique Morais, an expert player, who won his second BSOP trophy in the PLO 5 category, and Regina’s previous successes in other competitions. Overall, the text provides a comprehensive overview of the tournament and its results.

  • This text summarizes the results of the Sao Paulo BSOP poker tournament, highlighting the victory of Regina Kassab as the champion in the women’s division. It provides information on the prize money awarded to the top nine contestants and mentions the success of other players in previous competitions.

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